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Experience is crucial when buying or selling any real estate. The eHomesTexas Team has the North Texas real estate experience to find that special property that matches your specific requirements. After selecting the perfect property eHomesTexas has the expertise to successfully navigate the real estate transaction.

As families rush to North Texas, Dallas and its surrounding areas for new career opportunities in a business-focused but family friendly environment, the demand for knowledgeable and hardworking real estate agents grows more fervent than ever. While many North Texas real estate agents are focused on moving people in and out of homes as swiftly as possible, eHomesTexas agents focus on acclimating a client to his or her new home and community as extensively as each client wishes. The eHomesTexas goal is to make the buying and selling of North Texas real estate more personal and in-depth, because the decision to relocate is life-changing, and we want to ensure that your move changes your life for the better.

Relocation Services

At eHomesTexas, we know the reality and the difficulty of relocating your family, whether from the opposite side of the globe, a few states away, or just a short drive. Aside from just the physical aspect of the move, there are emotional ties at home (to friends, family, and places), and insecurities about the future (will we make friends, see family, and find places we like?). Above all, the research seems endless in finding the perfectly fitting place to move, from finding schools to supermarkets to the local Department of Motor Vehicles for your new license. Since buying and moving is inherently difficult, eHomesTexas recognizes the exact sources of concern about moving and condenses the research of a new place into one streamlined site. Families’ biggest worry in relocating, we find, is the proximity to well-rated schools, and consequently, our main research focus is exactly that.

North Texas School Districts

Dallas/Fort Worth Metro is renowned for the quality of its school districts, ranking among the highest in the state of Texas – many in the top 10 – and famous for their academic and athletic excellence. The school districts in the Metro region as known for their progressive and comprehensive systems, with several of the schools often making it onto the lists of various publications where school quality performance is assessed and rated. Transparency and efficient budget allocation, as well as a commitment to developing the youth’s potential for the good of the state and the country, are at the heart of what make the schools here some of the best.

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